Price: $15

Ingredients: Rye whiskey, raspberry, lemon, egg white

Background: Rebel’s Guild lead bartender Max Fallon says this cocktail works as a “stepping stone” for “somebody who is not so familiar with dark spirits. The fresh fruit and citrus take the bite out of the rye.” Named for the freemason who founded the nearby Grand Lodge, it’s topped with an edible garnish that nods to the fraternities’ all-seeing eye.

Elsewhere on the menu: Inspiration from rebellious spirits seep into other drinks like the Paul’s Punch, featuring Rhode Island rums from Thomas Tew—dubbed after Newport’s second wealthiest pirate—and falernum and pineapple juice. There’s six Massachusetts beers on tap—no menu, as they’ll be swapped out once the keg’s through—plus a wine list from executive chef Sean Dutson, who’s whipping up bite-sized takes on New England favorites like crispy buffalo oysters ($14) served over seaweed salad with carrots and blue cheese.

Revolution theory: The five-million-dollar overhaul of Revere Hotel’s former Emerald Lounge features dozens of antique chandeliers, a Steampunk cannon designed by Sharon-based artist Bruce Rosenbaum and three murals infused with references to the Constitution, Boston Massacre and Tea Party. The 4,500-square-foot space includes seating for 145 with 16 spots at the white marble-topped bar in addition to the soon-to-open two-level patio that overlooks Stuart and Charles Streets. Thanks to hotel hours, visitors can pop in any time between 6:30 and 1 am, because real rebels like to eat and drink whenever they damn well please.

Rebel’s Guild 200 Stuart St., Boston (617-457-2625)

Rebel’s Guild

200 Stuart St., Boston

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