Price: $11

Ingredients: Plantation 3 Stars rum, matcha powder, basil syrup, lemon and coconut milk

Background: Rosebud beverage manager Beth Herron was sipping on a matcha latte when inspiration struck for this green-hued cocktail. “It’s for someone who’s willing to step outside the box,” she says of the love-it-or-hate-it ingredient. “It doesn’t appease every kind of person.” For the uninitiated, the finely ground powder of handpicked, steamed leaves packs three times as many antioxidants as its green tea counterparts, including Zen-inducing amino acid L-theanine, sought after by Buddhist monks since the 12th century.

Taste: Herron balances the tea’s bitterness with the herbal syrup—first made after a summer trip to a nearby farmer’s market—and creaminess from the standard piña colada component.

Tea party: Other teas make appearances on the menu, as in lead bartender Kelley Darakjy’s Rockin’ Hot Toddy ($11), her Earl Grey-infused variation on a Rock and Rye. Herron explains: “Back in the day when they had really bad spirits to drink, they’d add rock candy to try to make it taste better.” Or check out the Chai Derby ($13), featuring bourbon, Combier, lime and a chai-spiked Punt e Mes.

Meet your matcha: You can sip the green stuff elsewhere around town, from Juliet, which offers a full matcha service at breakfast, to Nourish Your Soul, which has a matcha milk with cashews and dates. Or order it in desserts like Parlor Ice Cream Co.’s Too Matcha Mochi or Deuxave’s Enchanted Rose, a vanilla steamed meringue adorned with rosewater gelee and pastry chef Shaun Velez’s matcha paper.

Rosebud 381 Summer St., Somerville (617-629-9500)


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