Coming to Your Senses


Mass General Hospital physician Nada Milosavljevic is hoping we’ll all stop and smell the geranium—and clary sage, patchouli and neroli. As the founder of Sage Tonic, she uses extracts from such plants in essential-oil towelettes meant to help wipe away day-to-day troubles. Several harness lavender, “an herb that literally has hundreds of studies showing us the ability to relax and regulate the brain,” Milosavljevic explains. “I even have clients who put them in their kids’ backpacks for school to wipe their desk off in the morning,” she says, noting the antibacterial properties of the towelettes, which are gentle enough to sweep over your neck, arms or yoga mat. The Sage Tonic line also includes a complementary range of herbal teas, for which the certified tea sommelier blended ingredients like lemon balm and passionflower. And there’s a mobile app that prompts users to tap into all five senses, using interventions like acupressure or sound therapy to target conditions like stress, fatigue and sinus congestion. Milosavljevic previously helped introduce holistic treatments to stressed-out students in Boston-area high schools, and with Sage Tonic, she’s similarly hoping to provide tools that fit into people’s hectic schedules. “It allows you to treat yourself in the moment. We all have busy lives, but we certainly want to do good things for ourselves along the way.”

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