Maddy Karolian spent months scrolling through websites looking for an area rug for the new place she’d bought with her husband in Roslindale. But after all that browsing, she still couldn’t find the perfect option for her dining room. “I realized that if I could just mix and match the designs, colors and sizes from different rugs I had liked, I could get exactly what I wanted,” she says. The solution to her problem came from starting her own business, Boundless, which offers customers a chance to customize their own rugs based on size and color. The website offers 24 patterns and 11 colors (pricing starts at $279) as well as a home touch test ($15) of six samples so you can see the product in your space. “I spoke to so many people who were nervous to buy rugs online because they didn’t know what they would look and feel like,” Karolian says. “Rugs have such a huge impact on a space and give you the ability to dramatically change things up with a lot less installation effort than painting.”

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