Go with the Row

Two siblings are set to open an indoor rowing studio


Founders and siblings Joey and Kristina Tagliente hope that their indoor rowing studio, Row Republic, will make waves once it opens in April. At the Head of the Charles meets Barry’s Bootcamp concept, athletes will flow from rowing machines to weight benches during hourlong, high-intensity interval classes. “You’re focusing on strength and sprints and different levels of intensities on the rowing machine,” says Kristina, a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. “And when you get to the floor, every day will be a themed muscle group so that the program really targets your whole body.”

Growing up in an athletic family, Joey was set to play football at Colby College, but a career-ending injury during his first game left the 275-pound athlete up a creek. Running hurt his knees and back, so Kristina suggested he join the rowing team. When his teammates first saw him, Joey jokes, “They were like, ‘Oh my God, we’re gonna sink.’ ”

Combined with strength training, the new sport got Joey in the best shape of his life; now, he and Kristina want to throw Bostonians a similar life raft. Along with luxe locker rooms stocked with Drybar products, the 3,000-square-foot spot will showcase state-of-the-art equipment, including customized FitBenches to store kettlebells, battle ropes and more. Instructor-led classes will take place in a studio—featuring wall-to-wall mirrors and rubber floors—that’s nicknamed Deep Blue because it’s pitch black except for colored lights that shine down as athletes work up a sweat to curated playlists from the speakers. But all the lights are on for the 10-minute intro class that beginners will be required to take to learn proper form before diving into the deep end.

Both fans of studio fitness, the siblings aim to do for rowing what SoulCycle did to spinning: Capture the magic that happens once everyone’s in the same boat, working out together. “When you row in a group,” Joey says, “it really creates this wonderful energy.”   

Row Republic, 77 N. Washington St., Boston row-republic.com

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