With South End stores on the same block, the collaboration between Patch NYC and M. Flynn works like a charm. Partners Don Carney and John Ross of lifestyle store Patch NYC teamed up with sister duo Megan and Moria Flynn—owners and designers of jewelry boutique M. Flynn—to release a number of charms based on Carney’s whimsical India ink drawings. Described by Carney as “mini sculptures in gold,” the capsule collection features customizable animals and motifs, including a whale, a skull and the most popular design—a cat with a detachable bow tie.

“We’ve had a couple of customers come in and choose specific colored eyes to coordinate with their own cat,” Carney says. “It’s been really great to see different colored stones dropped in.”

The four friends launched their stores a year apart—M. Flynn opened in 2009, while Patch NYC came to Boston in 2010—but it wasn’t until one evening last year that they began discussing the possibility of teaming up over dinner. Together, they hand-picked the images that worked best as multidimensional pendants, with Carney creating sketches that Moria Flynn then turned into wax renderings before casting them in 14-karat gold. The charms, which start at $980, are also accompanied by signed prints of the matching drawings from Carney.

“We’ve done jewelry for years, but never fine jewelry,” Carney says. “They just have so much personality for something that’s so tiny. They’re very solid pieces.”


M. Flynn, 40 Waltham St., Boston (617-292-0079) mflynnjewelry.com; Patch NYC, 46 Waltham St., Boston (617-426-0592) patchnyc.com

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