Back in the 19th century, “talking bouquets” offered a covert way to communicate romantic intentions. Dictionaries of floriography detailed the meanings of hundreds of flowers, from anemone (anticipation) to zinnia (lasting affection). A suitor might declare his love with red tulips, hoping to receive daisies—meaning “I share your sentiment”—in reply.

We no longer say “Let’s just be friends” with yellow roses, but in some ways we’re nearly as wild for flowers as the Victorians were. We take arranging classes that have sprouted up in bars; we buy flower shares from area farms. And on the ’Gram, we follow the spectacular feeds of a new generation of floral designers. Acutely attuned to color and texture, many are artists who build sculptural installations and create centerpieces that seem plucked from still-life paintings. Weddings are at the heart of their work, and these pros often draw inspiration from the couples who become their clients. But here, we decided to give their imaginations free rein, asking four local talents to tell a love story of their choosing in flowers. Each makes quite a statement—no shrinking violets here.

Orpheus & Eurydice

by Forêt Design Studio

Art school grads Erin Heath and Rose Mattos met designing eye-catching displays for Anthropologie. The two friends have since specialized in a different kind of arrangement as the owners of Somerville’s Forêt Design Studio, founded six years ago. Read more »

Mother Earth & Father Sun

by Wildfolk

Caroline O’Donnell founded her Somerville floral studio Wildfolk in 2013, but the seeds for it were planted long before. “I come from a family of both artists—sculptors, painters—and gardeners,” she says. “Everyone from my mother to my grandfather to my uncle are very avid gardeners, so I’ve been surrounded by art and flowers my whole life.” Read more »

Sleeping Beauty

by Pollen Floral Design

Krissy Price is a woman of many talents. As the owner of Roslindale’s Pollen Floral Design, she’s known for creating breathtaking visuals (including pop-up “flower bombs” you may have spied at transit stops and other public places). But it’s music that brought her to Boston. Read more »


by Fleur Events

“I love the idea of being inspired by a love story because that is pretty much what I always do with our wedding work,” says Molly Anne McGill, owner of Milton-based Fleur Events. “I sit down with the couple and learn a bit about their story and what makes them unique. And then I base my designs off everything from the way they’re dressed to what they talk about as their interests.” Read more »

Say It with FlowersOrpheus & Eurydice by Forêt Design Studio | Mother Earth & Father Sun by Wildfolk | Sleeping Beauty by Pollen Floral Design | Ladyhawke by Fleur Events


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