Skivvy Up


Lisa Mullan launched Boston-based lingerie brand Uwila Warrior this fall after a fateful chat with a girlfriend about the frustrations of their underwear. “When you’re off trying to accomplish a million things at once,” Mullan says, “the last thing you need is a wedgie.” Hoping to merge beauty and comfort, the HubSpot executive combined her marketing acumen with industry knowledge from a former roommate who’d helped build Marc by Marc Jacobs. The resulting ecommerce line features Italian-made jersey and silk panties, some with cheeky sayings—so you can wear your “cranky pants” on bad days or pull on the “Madame President” when you feel like conquering the world. Mullan plans to branch out into camisoles and bralettes, but for now, she’s focused on making Uwila Warrior undies a wardrobe staple. “When women open their underwear drawer, they don’t wear 85 percent of what’s in there,” she says. “We want to be those core seven pairs.”


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