The first one just kind of came along, and then I had an another idea that the publisher was open to. It was really the intent from the get-go, but after developing Poppy in the first book and loving her character, it flowed.

Mostly in her determination in not giving up, in being nervous and feeling vulnerable in certain situations.

I’ve always been a pig person. My house is filled with pigs I’ve collected over the years or have been given to me. [I was born in the] Year of the Pig, so there’s a big connection to me and pigs. And being a pig presents its own set of challenges when you want
to skate.

The fun thing about the second book is that Sourcebooks and Tim let me get more involved with the illustrations and give more suggestions. It was fun! Everything is done through e-mail and through our editors, but he really brought the personality in and brought Poppy to life. I got to give a little fashion direction and suggestions on colors.

I’ve always eaten pork or bacon or whatever. I have friends who love pigs and won’t eat pork. I’m fine with it. I am sensitive though. We kept saying “Maybe Poppy should go to Hawaii,” and I don’t know if she should be going to any luaus.

When this whole process started my kids were four and six and we were reading to them every night. They love books and they love stories and I was reading the same ones over and over and over. I wanted to do something for them.

I’ll keep dreaming. There’s always something else out there, and I think it keeps me young to always have a challenge. My priority right now is being a mom, and with the kids being as young as they are, I’m trying to be involved with their school as much as possible while I have some influence.

Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s a cliché, but I want them to be happy in life, and I think it’s much easier to be pleasant than, well, unpleasant.

I hope they gain appreciation for it, and my little one likes it as an activity right now. I don’t want to push her to become competitive unless she truly wants it herself. It’s just taking baby steps right now. I wouldn’t change a thing that I did, but sometimes it’s not for everyone, so we’ll see.

Photo credit: Blake Little