Pocket Pool at Your Peril

You didn’t need to be a kid to go, “Whoa!” when you saw the Lego city constructed in the Westin Copley where the cocktail reception took place for Room to Grow’s gala. And that was just one of the delights in a thoroughly delightful evening.

The event kicked off with drinks, little things to nibble on, and (arranged around the Lego metropolis) a silent auction that included visits to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, a Chicago Cubs game as a guest of GM Theo Epstein, an autographed Aerosmith guitar and your own ice cream truck for a day.

Among the über-high-wattage crowd: Red Sox great Lou Merloni and his stunning other half, Steffanie, sight for sore eyes Kristina Lyons and the ever-affable Patrick, mustachioed muchacho Sherif Nada and the flawless Mary, head honcha Saskia Epstein and her dreamboat husband, Paul, genetic lottery winners Nicole and Jeff Bellows, legal power couple Thalia and Steve Sugarman, No. 1 Red Sox devotee Carolyn Casey, Hingham’s royal highness Kerry Brett and the rakish Danny Gallagher, TV journalism’s answer to Nick and Nora Charles, Mary Richardson and Stan Leven, gala cochair Charlie Baker, and the evening’s honorees, Tamara Santiago and Paul Grogan, to name a mere smattering.

Following dinner, there was a live auction that was strictly for high-rollers, and it was the auction that prompted the evening’s funniest remark.

Upon arrival, guests were issued what looked like an iPhone but was, in fact, an electronic bidding device that was James Bond badass but also a little intimidating.

As one man put it, while storing it in his trouser pocket: “Great. I rearrange myself once, and I’ll end up spending $1,000.”

Not Yo’ Daddy’s Winter Ball

Who knew you could take a long-standing but somewhat stuffy Brahmin tradition and sex
it up?

The reboot of the Winter Ball, held at the Copley Plaza to raise money for the Discovery Ensemble, managed to do just that. Alongside the debutantes and grandes dames, there was a Baywatch babe, gaggles of gay boys who would’ve fit right in at Oscar Wilde’s wildest debauch, artists, bohemians and more hipsters than you could shake a shillelagh at.

The dance began late, so everyone had a chance to lubricate beforehand, which made it all the more jovial. Partying like it was Prince Orlov’s Palace: the smokingly hot Eric Levin, the whippet thin Devin Hill squiring bodacious TV star (and Cambridge native) Traci Bingham, wildly entertaining Web designer Tony DeMarco, blue-blooded figure skater Elin Gardiner Schran and her dead-sexy husband, Steve, the bewitchingly beautiful Chynna Pope, the eternally handsome Paul Miller, Chappaquiddnik Justin Dangel, prepster par excellence Woody Tunnicliffe with the fetching Mary Kinsela, blonde bombshell Ligia Buzan, pretty in pink Leslie Parris Kwan, and so on and so forth down the city’s all-ages A-list.

There was definitely dancing, not to mention drinking, laughing, flirting and folderol, but what made it especially fun were the choice comments, among them:

When complimented on her gown, a woman said, “This old thing? It’s brand new.”

The girl who said, “My date went outside to get some air. Thank God for gay boys.”

And the man who said, “I’m wearing custom and H&M—high and low. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m just high.”

Contest of the Month

The first reader to guess which of Boston’s best-dressed socialites was sporting this amazing necklace and ring combo at a recent gala will win an Improper Bostonian T-shirt, which may not be as chic but at least it doesn’t require a trip to Prague to acquire.