Vive La Rainforest! 

It takes an extraordinary woman to start with a shop on the Left Bank of Paris, selling a simple white blouse, and then grow the business into an international luxury brand. But Anne Fontaine is nothing if not extraordinary. Tall, beautiful and chic (none of which truly surprises), she’s also extraordinarily resourceful and adventurous.   

At the age of 17, the half-Brazilian, half-French designer spent six months living with an indigenous tribe in a remote part of Bahia, and her Anne Fontaine Foundation now works to protect the Brazilian rainforest known as the Mata Atlantica.

Eric Jausseran, Anne Fontaine and Tonya Mezrich at Anne Fontaine’s shop

To that end, she hosted a breakfast at her Back Bay boutique that attracted the likes of fashion avatar Lisa Pierpont, style maven Tonya Mezrich, Gallic funboy Eric Jausseran, fashion blogger Helena Martin and others of an equally stylish ilk.

“This is a very French breakfast,” observed one guest. “Champagne and macarons.”

However, the funniest quip came when Fontaine explained that Gisele Bundchen had donated a dress to be auctioned off to help realize their goal of planting 100,000 trees by 2020.

“That’s great,” whispered one woman, “but maybe two people on the planet can wear it.”

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