Missives from the jet set

Jeff Bellows, Nicole Bellows, Marie Bohane and Chris Bohane at LifeSavor

Restraining Orders R Us

Q: How many celebutantes can you fit into a hotel ballroom?

A: Apparently, all of them.

The city’s biggest annual dinner party, LifeSavor, raised a record-breaking amount to further Community Servings’ mission of providing nutritious and medically tailored meals to critically ill people and their families.

Tony Corey and Jan Saragoni at LifeSavor

As always, the evening started with a gargantuan cocktail party at the Langham Hotel (which closed a week later for a yearlong face-lift) and continued with dinners at venues throughout the city.

Present and accounted for: co-chairs Garrett Harker (of all those restaurants), investment guru Sharon McNally, diversity goddess Colleen Powell, banking cutie Rick Musiol, board chair Karen Bressler and her handsome other half, Scott Epstein, event designer Ty Kuppig, Greenway muckety muck Jesse Brackenbury, suburban wild child Tim Bradl and his gorgeous other half, Lisa, recovering male model Jeff Bellows and the stunning Nicole, Landmarks Orchestra jefe Jo Frances Meyer, the preternaturally lovely Michaela Larson, uber badass Ashley Stanley and her beautiful wife, Kelly Dennehy, stylish epicure John Dewar, real estate stalwart David Whitman and one man who said to a friend, “Look! I just solved your life problems before I even finished my vodka.”

One guest pointed out that, “If you were a gay man in the ’90s, there was a lot of bad facial hair going on,” while another guest said, “As you get older, you can keep either your face or your ass. I’m opting for my ass, because my face was never any great shakes.”

However, the evening’s best exchange was: “She must think I’m stalking her.”

“Well, it’s always nice to have a hobby.” ◆

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