Imagine More

Missives from the jet set

Lori, Matthew, Paula and Hope Sidman at Imagine More

And Boy, Are My Arms Tired

The mega-philanthropists were out in full-force for Imagine More, held at the JCC of Greater Boston, to honor real estate tycoon Arthur Winn and his family.

Sara Aronson, Eric Aronson and Jennifer Winn Aronson at Imagine More

Present and accounted for: co-chairs Dara and David Grossman and Laurie and Alan Starr, a whole passel of Sidmans, including Paula, Hope, Matthew and Lori, whiskey connoisseurs Ellen and Richard Calmas, Emerson head honcho Lee Pelton, diamond dealers Roberta and Irwin Chafetz, the hale and hearty Michael Winter with his lovely other half, Deb Goldberg, the dashing Mark Goldweitz, Back Bay beauty Tamar Frieze, and one person who said, “You have a Ph.D. in B.S.”

Pushcarts bearing blood orange martinis circulated through the room, and top-shelf booze flowed like water, until it was time for dinner and speeches, which were blessedly brief.

The evening’s best exchange: “I just flew in from New York, and I’m going back later tonight.”

“That’s an awfully long way to go for a chicken dinner.” ◆

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