Artists for Humanity's the Greatest Party on Earth

A Friend Indeed

Jeremy Tsui and Pattaraporn Kittisapkajon at the Greatest Party on Earth.

Paula Jacobson and Ananda Toulon at the Greatest Party on Earth.

When you bill an evening as the Greatest Party on Earth, you’d better live up to the hype, and thankfully, the fundraiser for Artists for Humanity delivered in spades.

The uber-festive evening attracted uber-groovers such as total badass Susan Rodgerson, interior design star Patrick Planeta, design visionary Jane Miller, brilliant iconoclast Claudia de Piante Vicin, the toothsome twosome of Jamie Curtis and Jorge Justiniano, lovable lug Rob Weintraub and the gorgeous Kristy Tully, real estate stud Jefrey Dubard and his stunning wife, Yvonne MacPherson, the wicked fierce Josh Trinh and the white-hot Sophia Catrambone, political operative Mindy D’Arbeloff, nightlife linchpin Eric Aulenback and two guys in matching floral dinner jackets.

The evening marked the debut of the organization’s gorgeous and newly expanded space, while the food was a family affair, prepared by celebrity chef Lydia Shire, her equally talented husband, Uriel Pineda, and their absurdly handsome son, Alex.

Best quote: “I’ll never remember who you introduced me to, but I’ll always remember where you put your drink.” ◆

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