BCA Ball/Disco Under the Dome

Ars Longa, Party Brevis

Balloon dancers, an interactive art bar, a flash mob and an immersive botanical environment can only mean one thing: The Boston Center for the Arts’ annual BCA Ball/Disco Under the Dome, held at the Cyclorama.

Jen Tracey and Pia Miller at the BCA Ball

Bianca Sigh Ward, Craig Tevolitz, Anna Bursaux, Grant Simpson and Claudia Robaina at the BCA Ball

The evening of dinner, dancing and all manner of shenanigans attracted an eclectic and electric crowd that included Our Lady of Chanel, Mary Nobile-King, arts patrons Paul and Pia Miller, the devilishly handsome Michael Winston and his stunning other half, Claudia Robaina, art dealer Richard Baiano and his bearded hipster husband, Craig Tevolitz, the ridiculously sexy JJ Przybylski, travel titan Jim Moses and his blue-blooded other half, Philip Lovejoy, South End party pair David Goldman and Jacques Abatto, mustachioed muchacho John O’Connor, fashion plates Jennifer Epstein and Bill Keravuorithe ever affable Grant Simpson, delectable event planner Jimmy Guzman, hipster genius Brendan Ciecko and his equally brilliant other half, Elizabeth Dobrska, power couple Lisa Tung and Spencer Glendon and the do-gooder duo of Bianca Sigh Ward and her other half, John.

The evening’s choicest remark: “We’re gay men! It’s our God-given right to be total sluts.”

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