The Joys of Motherhood

As the social season begins to warm up, fashion plates and philanthropists descended upon Bloomingdale’s in Chestnut Hill for a kickoff event benefitting Dress for Success.

Danny Forrester, Angela Menino, Bill Fenton, Doris Yaffe, David Josef and Susan Fenton at the Dress for Success benefit

The evening of shopping, sipping, snacking and schmoozing took place in the designer collections section, and guests also combed the racks in the store’s new private shopping salon, The Vault. Front and center: Bloomie’s head hottie Matt Dunphy, the charity’s head honcho Kim Todd, wonder woman Janaial Robinson, stylist to the stars Holly Soule Horvath, former first lady Angela Menino with her stunning daughter, Susan Fenton, the latter’s handsome husband, Bill, fashionisti David Josef and Danny Forrester, rainmaker Erica Corsano, radio redhead Kennedy Elsey, banking babe Denise Wolffs, fashion icon Doris Yaffe, the achingly lovely Simone Winston, the evening’s models, Luz Vargas and Beverly Walters, the flawless Kenlyn Jones, retail babes Whitney McLeod and Jessica Reed, and one woman who greeted a male attendee by saying, “I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.”

Gail Errera and Malynda Roberto at the Dress for Success benefit

Eldi Schoenfeld, Siobhan Keenan and Ann Whittaker at the Dress for Success benefit

Apropos for a fashion event, Todd told the following joke during her remarks: “What did zero say to the number eight? Nice belt.”

However, the evening’s drollest remark came from the woman who said, “I’ve told my kids: If you didn’t get arrested and aren’t in the hospital, don’t text me after 9 pm.” 

Janaial Robinson, Simone Winston, Barbara Cipolla, Candra Cho and Joan Jolley at the Dress for Success benefit

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