ClimActs! GLOW

A Question of Syntax

Anyone nostalgic for ’90s rave culture would have had full wood at ClimActs! GLOW, the annual benefit for the Theater Offensive, held at Royale.

Rebecca Taichman, Abe Rybeck and Adrian Budhu at ClimActs! GLOW

The evening began with a VIP reception featuring special guest and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Kennedy Davenport, attracting the likes of co-chairs John Haga, Steve Hanton, Joan Moynagh, Kevin Powers and Rodney Raftery, the organization’s founder, Abe Rybeck (who said about his Barbarella-meets-cheerleader get-up, “I look like I beat up a little kid and stole her Frozen outfit.”), do-gooders Danny Gessner and Thomas McKeen, event planner Michael Wasserman, Huntington Theatre bigwig Temple Gill, incorrigible scamp Adrian Budhu, award-winning director Summer Williams, sexy state Sen. Julian Cyr, Boston’s fairy godfathers Harry Collings and Dan Moon and one man wearing a rainbow-feathered headpiece, complete with a unicorn horn. Once the larger crowd arrived, things got hot and steamy, and suddenly an otherwise civilized Wednesday evening somehow became a July afternoon in P-town.

Kennedy Davenport at ClimActs! GLOW

The night’s winning remark: One man said, “My boyfriend made me volunteer,” to which someone else said, “We call that being volun-told.”

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