Commonwealth Shakespeare Company 'Richard III' Opening Night

An ale, by any other name

If there was ever a play for our times, it’s William Shakespeare’s Richard III, and if there was ever a company to present it (for free, no less!) on the Boston Common, it’s Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. (The Improper was a proud sponsor.)

The show’s Opening Night began with a reception at the Parkman House, which attracted a toothsome crowd that included fiery filmmaker Lorna Lowe and her gorgeous daughter, Sophie, Nashville thoroughbred Trevania Henderson and Cuban cutup Juan Prieto, Kier “Dr. Glad” McDonough and the stunning Anja Kola, ubiquitous TV babe Janet Wu, stentorian thespian Will Lyman, the delightful Allison Ryder and her suave other half, David Jones, Wonder Woman Tonya Mezrich, board chair David Friedman, co-founder Joan Moynagh and one person who observed that the city had finally installed air conditioning in the Beacon Hill mansion, noting that “This party usually gives me swamp butt.”

Marty Keating, David Friedman and Michael Keating at Opening Night of Richard III Juan Prieto and Trevania Henderson at Opening Night of Richard III Keir McDonough and Steven Maler at Opening Night of Richard III David Jones and Allison Ryder at Opening Night of Richard III

After the reception, everyone repaired to the Common, where criminally sexy Pakistani actor (and Improper cover star) Faran Tahir blazed through a breathtaking performance in the play’s title role.

Meanwhile, the evening’s most amusing remark: Holding up a can of a locally made IPA, one guest said: “I don’t always drink beer. But when I do, it’s Shakesbeer.”

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