We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1593…

The spring’s sexiest black-tie shindig was undoubtedly Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s annual gala, held in the ballroom of the Taj, overlooking the Public Garden.

Aaron Michlewitz, Maria Michlewitz, Ricardo Rodriguez, Michael Kelley, Grace Zakim and Josh Zakim at CSC Gala

The intimidatingly chic and good-looking crowd included smoking hot Pakistani actor Faran Tahir (who will be playing Richard III in this summer’s production of free Shakespeare on the Common), dashing co-chairs Ricardo Rodriguez and Michael Kelley, sneaker pimp Jay Gordon and his design genius other half, Alina, stunning blonde cobbler Millicent Armstrong and her handsome husband, Brian Gault, Portuguese beauty Esmeralda Swartz, the dangerously gorgeous trifecta of Sabra Katz, Emma Calus and Sofia Ostrer, impossibly sexy pair Alex Sprague and Brian Piccini, Boston’s most glamorous octogenarian, Doris Yaffe, the achingly gorgeous Lindsay Ahearn and her principle squeeze, Eric Levin, Latino sexbomb Jimmy Guzman, supersuave restaurateur Seth Woods with the stunning Ashley Branum,
Persian beauty Lili Banani, creative genius Jane Miller, silver fox Louis Mula and the dashing Edgar Knudsen, and a whole lotta
gorgeous others.

Marsha MacLean, Emma Pickard and Sofia Ostrer at CSC Gala

Cocktails were followed by dinner and a live auction, while the uproarious conversation included such surprising phrases as “abacus of orgasms” and “bartender fart-grenade.”

Contenders for the evening’s top comment: “Well, he certainly puts the ‘gay’ in gala,” “I’m not a vegetarian, but if there’s a stuffed animal of it, I won’t eat it,” and one unfortunate guest who raised some eyebrows with the statement: “I’m not used to hand lotion in the men’s room.”

Faran Tahir at CSC Gala

However, the evening’s funniest remark came from the woman who stopped herself at the last moment from raising her phone to take a photo during the live auction and said: “That was almost the selfie that cost $7,000.” 

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