Cutting Loose

Missives From the Jet Set.

And Glatt Kosher on Saturdays

Because Bostonians can’t celebrate anything without feeling that they’re somehow improving the world, a group of high-profile philanthropists banded together for a novel Mardi Gras celebration, interpreting the term literally.

Fat Tuesday to Fight Childhood Obesity took place at the Cyclorama and featured dessert stations by chefs like Ming Tsai, Joanne Chang, Barbara Lynch, Tiffani Faison, Christopher Coombs, Ken Oringer and Michael Schlow. Spotted grazing among the herd were such sweet-toothed sweeties as blogging ballerina Rachel Cossar, the hale and hearty CJ Husk, PR poobah Marlo Fogelman and one guest who said, “Just looking around is giving me cavities.”

The evening’s raffle prize was a trip to D.C. for lunch with first lady Michelle Obama, while the evening’s prize for biggest jackass went to the person who popped a cookie in his mouth and proclaimed, “I’m only gluten-free on weekdays.”


What’s in a Name?


Looking spiffy in designer eveningwear were such glamour-pusses as co-chairs Joshua Janson and Laura Baldini, Back Bay blonde Beth Dickerson, the interchangeable Matt Greer and Mark Andrus, court jester Andy Levine, besties Ashley Bernon and Penny Fireman, the ubiquitous Ernie Boch Jr., white-hot fitness guru Chad Flahive, post-modern Pee-wee Sean William Donovan and the sister act of Sam and Kimmy Strauss.

The gaming tables heated up as the booze began to flow, and one woman playing craps yelled “Yahtzee!” every time she threw the dice.

As for the purpose of the evening, one guest mused, “It’s one of those charities that tugs at your heartstrings, but I can’t remember exactly what they do,” to which her inebriated friend said, “Well, it’s gotta be called the TBD Foundation for a reason.”


Puff Pastry Included

The political football du jour got an evening in the spotlight when Mass Medical Marijuana hosted Rocky Mountain High, a Colorado-themed dinner dance held at the Harvard Club.

Prominent among the throng: gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Baker having a tête-à-tête with U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, handsome hotelier Dick Friedman, bicycling do-gooder Billy Starr and the flawless Meredith, tall drink of water Tom Matlack and his gorgeous other half, Elena, MFA head honcho Malcolm Rogers, horse of a different feather Doris Yaffe, the show-stopping Evelyn Treacy, Chestnut Hillions Vicky and Tom Whitney, best-selling author Ben Bradlee Jr. with his delightful wife, Jan Saragoni, Mount Vernon Street nabobs Suki and Miguel de Bragança, and so on and so forth through Who’s Who, The Social Register, the Almanach de Gotha and the western suburban white pages.

Tables with names like “Gangstah Kush” and “Blueberry Diesel” were scattered with green M&M’s customized with a cannabis leaf, and a continuous loop of Harold & Kumar clips played on a giant screen.

“I don’t smoke pot, but I do want to see it legalized,” observed one guest with a wry smile. “My portfolio’s heavily invested in snack foods.”


Only the Birds Were Tweeting…  
There was a strict ban on the use of smartphones at the fundraiser for Moms In Love with Facebook, a newly formed support group aimed at weaning women away from posting interminable photos of their children (be they human, canine or otherwise) and quoting their toddlers’ latest pithy aphorisms on social media.

Held under a tent in a parking lot (which made it undesirable to check in on Foursquare), the luncheon attracted the likes of brunette beauty Julie Hume Gordon, delectable fashionista Tonya Chen Mezrich, radio babe Sue Brady Hartigan, redheaded cutie Lauren Beckham Falcone, poochy princess Erica Corsano, publicity pimp Kate Shamon, hot-blooded Colombian Cristina Isabel Vazquez and token male John Lam.

A good deal of sauvignon blanc was consumed to take the edge off of unplugging for a few hours, and one table erupted in laughter when someone pointed out what the charity’s acronym would be.  However, the afternoon’s most insightful comment came from the person who said, “This party’s a double blessing. No one can Instagram pictures of their goddamn lunch.”



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