What a Drag

For those who enjoy a few feathers and sequins with their bloody marys, Club Cafe is the place to be for Drag Brunch, the annual fundraiser organized by big-haired and even bigger-hearted drag diva Verna Turbulence to raise money for the Boston Living Center.

Verna Turbulence at Drag Brunch

Ms. Kris Knievil at Drag Brunch

Present and accounted for: smokeshow Mark Leonardo, the super sparkly Joe Posa, brassy dame Sharyn Fireman, Scandinavian beauty Anja Kola, North Carolina cutie Connie Brown, the stunning Gina Fox, fashion icon Yolanda Cellucci and her dashing husband, Daniel, red-hot redhead Sonia Garufi, the statuesque Jane Conway Caspe, LGBTQ activist John Affuso, and one woman who said, “I need another drink; I’m meeting my family for dinner in two hours.”

The afternoon’s best remark: “It’s not fair that half the men in this room look better than I do in a ball gown.” ◆

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