Fete of Food and Wine

Cheaper By the Dozen

Chris Wyatt and Lisa Resnek Wyett at the Fete of Food and Wine (left). Jeff and Pam Mittleman at the Fete of Food and Wine (right).
Shahrokh Reza, Dianna Reza, Sofia Ostrer, Christy Cashman, Janet Wu, Shannon Pastzusak, Jack Yeaton, Laura Baldini, Melissa Steffy at the Fete of Food and Wine

Q: What could be more tempting than a smorgasbord of delicious food served in the stately halls of the Museum of Fine Arts?

A: The tantalizing crowd that turned out for the Fete of Food and Wine.

The annual black-tie fundraiser for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation attracted the likes of co-chairs Sabra Katz, Jeff Mittleman and Lisa Resnek Wyett, honorees Dr. Leslie Higuchi and Kenneth Feinberg, the toothsome twosome of Jerry and Karen Kadish, statuesque socialite Julie Hume Gordon and her devastatingly handsome other half, Philip, her debonair father, Ken Talmadge, insanely gorgeous pair Shannon Pastuszak and Christy Cashman, Wellesley babe Kim Snapper and her hunky husband, Scott, blond beauty Joanna Newberry and one person who said, “The year-end appeals from nonprofits are going out earlier and earlier. I think it’s because they want your check before the market collapses.”

The evening’s best exchange: “My husband loves children.”

“Well, I’d be happy to sell him one of mine.” 

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