It was a bit of Bollywood in Boston (minus the elephants) when Fashion Night Out, a spectacle of epic proportions that included a runway show by local designer Kinda Touma and featured a constellation of local celebrities and socialites, took place at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The evening raised money for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and it drew an everyone-who’s-anyone-and-then-some crowd. Among the Champagne-sipping throng: co-hosts Ashley Bernon and Michael Carucci, emcee J.C. Monahan, Regis College babe Kelley Tuthill, the unsinkable Doris Yaffe, the hotel’s peerless general manager, Bill Taylor, Beacon Hillions Gilbert and Karen Winn, the flawless Jennifer Aronson, blond thoroughbred Elizabeth Lowrey, the ever-affable Will Berkeley, Southern sex bomb Ashley Breed, beauty moguls Marc Harris and Maria Lekkakos, fashionista Lisa Pierpont, diminutive designer Daniela Corte, real-estate titan Dick Friedman with the beautiful Nancy, rambunctious restaurateur Jack Huang, the corkscrew curled Melissa Steffy, wandering troubadour Isaac Haselkorn and one person who greeted a frenemy they hadn’t seen in years by saying, “What rock did they turn over to find you?”

Marc Harris and Maria Lekkakos at Fashion Night Out. Photo:  Igor Needham.

Michael Carucci, Kinda Touma and Ashley Bernon at Fashion Night Out. Photo: Hill Zhou

Jenny Chow and Jack Huang at Fashion Night Out. Photo: Hill Zhou

There was a Disney moment with a children’s chorus, a dinner worthy of the hotel’s inimitable Bristol Lounge and a loving tribute to the evening’s honoree, the late Mary Kakas—all leading to the fashion show.

Needless to say, the Fashion Police were out in full force, including the woman who said, “It’s a little early in the season for fur,” and another who commented, “That woman looks like she’s going to a Persian wedding.”

However, the evening’s best remark came when one of the models saw her headshot in the program and said, “This photo makes me look like the leader of some megachurch in the Midwest.” ◆

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