From Fenway to the Runway

Take me out to the catwalk


Boston’s answer to New York Fashion Week took place at the Hotel Commonwealth, where the Red Sox wives held their 17th annual From Fenway to the Runway fashion show and luncheon.

The Improper was proud to sponsor the event, which began with bubbly and little nibbly bits and continued with lunch and the runway presentation, hosted by Bloomingdale’s own P.T. Barnum, Matt Dunphy.

Lakyn Holt at From Fenway to the Runway

Chelsea Scott at From Fenway to the Runway

Carolyn Pomeranz at From Fenway to the Runway

Present and accounted for: Brazilian bombshell Sinesia Karol, the shockingly beautiful Eliza Dushku, statuesque blue-blood Julie Gordon, Chestnut Hillion Nancy Adams, the eternally upbeat Julie Joyal, the hotel’s genial general manager, Adam Sperling, jewelry designer extraordinaire Pattee Lebner, force of nature Coryn Bina, the ubiquitous Tonya Chen Mezrich, fashion plate Simone Winston, sparkly Newtonian Jessica Naddaff Merle, broadcasting bigmouth Sue Brady Hartigan, gorgeous force of nature Maggie Gold Seelig, the incandescent Kelley Doyle, first lady of Red Sox Nation Linda Pizzuti Henry, her stunning sister, Laura Pizzuti Gamache, the perpetually rosy Margaret McNeill, Duxbury doyenne Lynn Dale and daughter Sarah, the always elegant Donna Eden Cohen, Four Seasons babe Kristan Fletcher, the comme il faut Adele Chang, cupcake cutie Courtney Forrester, the personification of elegance, Elena Matlack, and every other socialite within a 100-mile radius.

“I always feel like this is the official back-to-school party,” said one guest, to which her friend added, “But with better fashions.”

Meanwhile, the Red Sox Foundation’s new executive director, Bekah Salwasser, admitted, “I usually shop at Old Navy, so this is a bit outside my comfort zone.”

Another guest complained that all the French fries and rosé she consumed on Nantucket this summer had left her looking seven months pregnant, but the best exchange occurred between two friends who hadn’t seen each other in decades:

“You haven’t changed a bit,” said one, to which the other replied, “The only reason you say that is that your eyesight has.” ◆

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