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The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care never fails to amp up the celebrity wattage in Boston with Comics Come Home, the annual all-star comedy benefit. For its 20th anniversary installment (of which The Improper was a sponsor), they hauled out the big guns at the TD Garden.

A star-studded pre-party took place at the Legends Club, and in addition to Bruins players past and present, it attracted the likes of actor Michael J. Fox, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, occupational a-hole Denis Leary, Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton, chef-to-the-stars Ming Tsai, rock-star clothier Alan Bilzerian and a clown car’s worth of top comedians, who put on a show that made everyone’s face hurt and was undoubtedly the hardest ab workout I’ll have this year.

The evening’s snarkiest remark: Upon seeing comedian Lenny Clarke wearing turquoise pants and a paisley shirt, one guest said, “He looks like the love child of a Newbury Street hairstylist and Steven Tyler.”

(Left: Jimmy Fallon; Middle: Jimmy Fallon; Right: Lenny Clarke)

Pas de Pigskin

There’s no activity more quintessentially autumnal than tailgating, and when you do it under a tent on the waterfront, with the city’s top chefs offering their takes on classic munchies, you’ve got yourself a get-together that makes packing on some winter weight worth it.

Held at Sam’s at Louis, The Ultimate Tailgate Party benefited Lovin’ Spoonfuls, raising money to bring surplus restaurant food to homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food pantries. Hosts Esti and Drew Parsons greeted guests, including honorees and restaurateurs extraordinaire Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers, cheesemongers Brad and Brian Wasik, creative force of nature Izzy Berdan, Herald scenester Erica Corsano, blue-blooded hash-slinger George Lewis and the delectable Claudine, Ritz mixologist Mario Arredondo, the aptly named Gina Fox, foxy news anchor Lisa Hughes and her other half, Mike Casey, and so on and so forth, who sipped, supped and whooped it up as if the next morning wasn’t Monday (which, unfortunately, it was).

The only thing missing was an actual football game, which didn’t seem to matter, especially to the woman whose husband said, “She wouldn’t know the NFL from the NAACP.”

(Left: Mike Casey and Lisa Hughes; Middle: Claudine and George Lewis ; Right: Esti and Drew Parsons)

Haven’t We All

The W Boston was awash in orange for Youth Design’s second annual Carnival fundraiser, which attracted an artsy crowd to raise money to provide underserved kids with paid internships in the design field.

Among the architects, decorators, fashionisti and fabulous types were the evening’s honoree, Boston Fashion Week founder Jay Calderin, co-hosts Alina Wolhardt, Jay Gordon, Michael Kelley and Ricardo Rodriguez, the super-stylish Liana and Michael Krupp with their month-old addition, Frankie, music man Steve Oristaglio, real estate mack daddy Rob Caro, catering moguls Neal Balkowitsch and Dan Mathieu, tall drink of water Jim Hornor with hot mom Sumai Koundakjian, and one woman who said, “This is a design crowd. Who in God’s name thought up-lighting was a good idea?”

While a club-worthy DJ spun ambient music and delicious apps were passed, the attentive bartenders helped fuel the action on a faux midway, featuring games with prizes ranging from purple high-tops to designer bathing suits. The evening’s funniest remark came from the man who bought tickets for a game called “Tip a Troll” and said, “I should be good at this. I’ve banged plenty of them.”

(Left: John LaRoche and Ronnie D’Amico; Middle: Jay Calderin and Ricardo Rodriguez; Right: Alina Wolhardt and Karen Winn)

But Who’s Counting?

If you’re going to have a Fete of Food and Wine, it might as well be at the Four Seasons, which is where the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation held its swanky annual shindig.

On hand were such mensches and machers as the whole Cutler clan with patriarch Teddy (sipping Macallan 18), gazillionaire Arthur Winn (in search of tequila), co-chairs Judi Karas and Judi Walk, the latter’s music mogul son, Charlie, the stunning Sabra Katz, flawless brunette Susan Shale with the debonair Rob, Man of the Year David Howe, Humanitarian of the Year Corey Siegel, sexy chazan Jodi Blankstein and her lovable other half, Jim, and one guest who said, “This is a fun crowd for playing Six Degrees of Hebrew School.”

The evening’s funniest exchange: A man said, “I haven’t seen you in ages!” to which a woman replied, “It was at least two facelifts ago.”

(Left: Liz Jannarone and Drew Harrington ; Right: Sabra Katz and Charlie Walk )

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