Gala Preview Party

Ars Longa, Party Brevis

Tony Fusco and Robert Four at the Gala Preview Party.

For anyone looking to salivate over exquisite artwork, the Gala Preview Party for the Boston International Fine Arts Show was ground zero.

Held at the BCA’s Cyclorama, the evening raised money for the Art for Justice Fund, and the high-octane crowd included the likes of design avatar Anja Kola, shelter mag hottie Kyle Hoepner, art dealer Eric Mourlot and his wildly talented girlfriend, Kristin Simmons, expectant dad Nelse Clark, banking stud Tom Eberhardt, art expert Diane McManus Jensen and her affable other half, David, interior designer extraordinaire Christine Tuttle with beau Graham Jarvis, Playbill publisher Tim Montgomery and Art New England publisher Rita Fucillo, smoke show AJ Hernandez, the lovely Vareika ladies Alison and Hope, clean-cut cutie John Cerrotti and one woman who said, “I dodged a bullet in the car coming here. I reached into my purse for breath spray and noticed at the last moment that it was actually mace.”

The evening’s best exchange: Explaining how two men knew each other, one said, “We dated for a brief second, during the Jurassic Period,” to which the other responded: “Yes. We dodged dinosaurs together.” 

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