Green and White Ball

How Does Your Garden Grow? 

Q: What’s green and white and breathtakingly gorgeous?

A: The Green and White Ball, a benefit for the Friends of the Public Garden.

The black-tie blowout, held at the Four Seasons, drew an alarmingly attractive crowd, among them: honorees Ron and Julie Druker, co-chairs Tamar Frieze, Ashley Harmon, Jackie McCabe and Jessica Schmitz, the toothsome twosome of Ian and Katherine O’Keefe, celebrity shoe designer Thom Solo and his main squeeze, Tyler Murphy, uber philanthropists Lori and Matthew Sidman, the ethereal Maggie Moran and her smoke-show husband, Bill, adorable equestrian Desmond O’Leary, and one woman who reported this appalling pickup line: “You should be wearing a fascinator, because you’re so fascinating.”

David Manfredi, Elizabeth Lowrey, Ronald Druker and Julie Druker at the Green and White Ball

The ballroom was decked out in flowers from five countries and four states, echoing the plantings in the park, while dinner was superb and at least one person (namely me) wound up overserved.

The evening’s funniest remark: “I got my date to come tonight by saying, ‘I promise you’ll find a husband; I just can’t promise he won’t be somebody else’s.’ ”

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