Home for Little Wanderers’ Gingerbread House Decorating Competition

Missives from the jet set

Linda Pizzuti Henry, Tessie, Allen Campbell and the Pizzuti Henry children at the Gingerbread House Decorating Competition.

Game On…

We’re sorry to report that the Russian doping scandal has spread to the Home for Little Wanderers Gingerbread House Decorating Competition, since it was suspiciously won for the third year in a row by the team led by gorgeous socialite Sofia Ostrer.

This, despite the fact that 35 other tables competed at the Mandarin Oriental, including the likes of the afternoon’s co-chairs, the Farrington and Hailer families, blue-blooded perfectionist Julie Gordon, Boston’s answer to Martha Stewart Dianna Reza, broadcasting cutie Janet Wu, the first couple of Red Sox Nation, John and Linda Henry, flawless lunachick Laura Baldini, the hotel’s general manager, Philipp Kneupfer, absurdly sexy chef Rob Differ, Wellesley candy addict Ashley Bernon, Back Bay smokeshow Mahsa Noble and a slew of equally creative and talented others.

The Improper was a proud sponsor of the event and will grudgingly concede this year’s win to Team Sweet Tart, but be forewarned: The gloves are off. Next year, you’re going down. ◆

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