Horsing Around at the Ritz lived up to its name when the Bina Farm Center, which provides programs for children and adults with disabilities, held its annual black-tie gala in the ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton.

The strictly A-list evening attracted the likes of co-chairs Mahsa Noble, Patrick and Kristina Lyons, Ben and Tonya Mezrich, Jim Gordon and Denise Fahmie, Enza Sambataro and Ernie Boch Jr., and Jackie and Simon Whitten, the organization’s co-founders, Coryn and Babak Bina and Terry Snow, honorees Amir El Boukfaoui and Catherine Kasparyan, snappy, crackling Pops conductor Keith Lockhart and the ethereal Emiley, the absurdly gorgeous Liz Fish and her handsome husband, Mike, Wellesley denizens Harris and Paul Krupp, Portuguese Bond girl Esmeralda Swartz, brunette bombshell Sandy Missakian, the sultry Maryam Rahmani, Croatian stunner Paulina Neely, banking big shot Dora Lewin, Martha’s Vineyard hot mama Linda Greenberg, and mistress of ceremonies Joyce Kulhawik, to name a mere few. 

Tonya Mezrich, Lianne Leventhal, Jessica Slater and Coryn Bina at Horsing Around at the Ritz

Sam Slater, Ben Mezrich and Alex Leventhal at Horsing Around at the Ritz

Lillian Ellmore, Aimee Doherty, Keith Lockhart and Kamran Bina at Horsing Around at the Ritz

Bella Tabor, Aidin Bina and Paris Noble at Horsing Around at the Ritz

Cocktails and a silent auction preceded dinner, awards, a live auction and a musical performance by the aforementioned maestro and special guests. Overall, it was a flawless evening, except that the exit was booby-trapped with urns of assorted candy, ripe for the taking. (Memo: The newish Sani-Flush blue Sour Patch Kids are deeeeeelish.)

The evening’s choicest remark: When someone muttered that the auctioneer was rolling his “r’s,” someone else replied, “He must have spent a semester in Spain.” ◆

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