ICA Gala at the Watershed


On the Waterfront

The Institute of Contemporary Art unveiled its new East Boston satellite, the Watershed, at its super swanky annual gala.

Guests were ferried from the Seaport across the harbor to “ooh” and “aah” over the impressive new exhibition space, where cocktails were followed by dinner and dancing.

The strictly A-List crowd included art collectors Ellen Poss and Susan Paine, art dealer Camilo Alvarez and the flawless Alexandra Cherubini, toy moguls Vivien and Alan Hassenfeld, uber arts patrons Steve Corkin and Dan Maddalena, long-haired hipster Jonathan Seelig, power chick Sheryl Marshall, hard-bitten author Stona Fitch, beauty mogul Charla Jones, redheaded stunner Amy d’Ablemont Burnes and her dapper other half, Ethan, petite pistol Jennifer Epstein and the devastatingly handsome Bill Keravuori, event sponsor and Max Mara creative force Maria Giulia Maramotti, hair deity Mario Russo and his other half, Frank Gilligan, design avatar Fotene Demoulas and her silver fox, Tom Cote, blonde beauty Kathryn Conway and the adoring Tim, preppy pair Charlie and Betsy Gifford, the dapper duo of Patrick Planeta and Santiago Varela and others too numerous and fabulous to mention.

Camila Coelho and Maria Giulia Maramotti at the Watershed opening. Photo: Scott Eisen

Tom Coté, Fotene Demoulas, Diana Thater, Jill Medvedow, Steve Corkin and Dan Maddalena at the Watershed opening. Photo: Lisa Voll

It was a stellar way to spend the summer solstice, and despite a minor transportation snafu, an altogether flawless evening.

The cleverest remark: Entering the building just as a bottle of Ruinart was being uncorked, one guest said, “Amazing space, how sweet the sound!”

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