In It Together

Next Time Won’t You Sing With Me

ABCD Friends Committee at In It Together.

John Drew, Yvonne Jones, Tina Chery and Sharon Scott Chandler at In It Together.

Leslie Odom Jr. at In It Together.

It’s never been clearer that not all heroes wear capes than at In It Together, the ABCD Community Heroes celebration, held at the Marriott Copley Place.

The organization, which helps people transition from poverty and hopelessness to stability and success, knows how to throw a party, and this was no exception. A cocktail reception and dinner were followed by the awards and a performance by Tony and Grammy Award winner Leslie Odom Jr. The evening attracted the likes of emcee Shayna Seymour, photographer extraordinaire Don West, Globe scribe Adrian Walkerwho had a woman named Adrienne Walker introduce herself to him during dinner—the righteous Rev. Robert Gray,  President/CEO  John Drew, honorees Doc Rivers, Tina Chery, Philip Carver, Claudia Arrecis and Chien Chi-Huang (to name only a few) and a pair of guys in matching yellow shoes.

A jazz quintet from Berklee entertained during the cocktail hour, while the photo booth did major big business all night.

The evening’s best remark: Waiting to order a drink, one guest said, “I hope this bar isn’t beer and wine only, ’cause I don’t play junior varsity.” ◆

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