In Memoriam: Mary Kakas


In Memoriam…

It’s impossible to imagine a corner of the world—from stately homes to homeless shelters and corridors of power to slums—where tears weren’t shed at the news of Mary Kakas’ passing.

A powerhouse among Boston philanthropists, her reach was literally global. By turns a coquette, a brassy dame, the salt of the earth and a fur-swaddled socialite, a no-nonsense activist and a comedienne with impeccable delivery and timing, she loved nothing more than to laugh. For many years, she was the indomitable doyenne of Kakas Furs on Newbury Street, the oldest family-owned furrier in America, but it’s as a fundraiser and a social conscience that she’ll be remembered. With her perfectly coiffed, shoulder-length blond hair, color-coordinated lipstick and nail polish, dressed with military precision, she cut a huge swath through Boston’s social scene, raising untold sums for countless worthy causes, brave enough to be a pain in the ass as long as the job got done.

Rest in peace, Mary. You were a true original—a swan who was never afraid to act like a silly goose, you left this world immeasurably better than you found it. No doubt, St. Peter was wrapped around your little finger at the Pearly Gates, and I’m sure you’ll keep all the angels in stitches.

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