In Memoriam: Linda Cole Petrosian


Incandescent. That’s the best word to describe Linda Cole Petrosian, who died at 57 of esophageal cancer the day after New Year’s. The daughter of legendary couturier Yolanda Cellucci, she was a doting daughter, mother, sister, aunt and friend, and—to use a cliche that her family is no doubt tired of hearing by now—one of the most beautiful people, both inside and out, whom I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. One of Boston’s top models for a good deal of her life, she could have easily joined the ranks of the international, one-named sylphs if she’d wanted to, but she never took herself that seriously. As often as not, she modeled for charity rather than gain, and her largesse, joie de vivre and humor were infectious. Anyone who ever saw her sashay down a runway (and she was one of the few local models who really knew how to walk), heard her laughter, or got caught like a deer in the headlights of her incredible smile will never forget her. Goodbye, gorgeous. I’ll miss goofing around with you backstage, waving dollar bills at drag queens with you, or just bumping into you on the street. Heaven just got a whole lot more beautiful. 

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