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(Left: Sister Sandra Musique at Nunch; Middle: At Nunch, top: Sisters Rosetta Stone, Sandra Musique and Lida Christ, Novice Donna Condom, Postulant Katya Kizm and Sisters Tori D’Affair and Luvinya Always; bottom: Postulant Angela Merci, Sister Frieda B. Fabulous, Postulant Shiney Brite and Sister Gloria LeLuia; Right: Jonathan Scott and Sister Gloria LeLuia at Nunch)

Aside from gin and grapefruit juice, there’s little that can improve Sunday brunch more than clown nuns in drag.

Nunch, held by The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at Club Cafe, raised money for the group’s various charitable endeavors and offered a showcase for their elaborate habits and extravagant Venetian-inflected makeup.

“Thank God there’s a bloody mary bar,” said one guest upon arrival.

Even watching the guests take their seats provided entertainment. One table was short a place setting, triggering an awkward standoff between three separate groups seated there. A lot of eye-rolling and throwing of shade ensued, but it was eventually sorted out, and everyone lined up for the buffet. Besides the nuns—who have names like Sister Eunice X, Sister Tori D’Affair and Sister Gloria LeLuia—the entertainment included some local comedians, one of whom said, “Does anyone here work in mental health?” to which someone in the audience shouted out, “Once a week, with my shrink.”

Present and accounted for: legal eagle John Affuso, daddy of the cloth Alex Oneto, redheaded good-time gal Stephanie Carrigg, dashing do-gooder Marc Davino, iconoclastic chef and author Didi Emmons, assorted man candy and one person who said, “I am way too hungover to be here.”

One hundred percent of the proceeds benefited the group’s Community Grants, and after coffee (and one last cocktail) was served, the 2014 recipients were announced.

“They’re just like real nuns, only fun,” observed a lapsed Catholic. “They even host Bingo on Monday nights.”

Blaming the Messenger…

(Left: Denise Leyhe, Rick Musiol Jr., Leah Culver and Matt Javitch at the Dress for Success luncheon; Middle left: Nancy Schneider and Mike Wankum at the Dress for Success luncheon; Middle right: Kerry Schneider and Lauren Fairweather at the Dress for Success luncheon; Right: Catherine Stanton Schiff, Erin Donovan and Kim Cameron at the Dress for Success luncheon)

Despite this winter’s mandate of practicality over fashion, everyone looked smashing at Celebrating Self-Sufficiency, the annual luncheon benefiting Dress for Success, held at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel.

The afternoon attracted the likes of power couple Jacqui and Wayne Budd, banking bigwig Joanne Jaxtimer, bootlegger Catherine Stanton Schiff, broadcasting babes Mary Menna and Candy O’Terry, presidential pal Carol Fulp, silver fox Dusty Rhodes, snacky banker Rick Musiol Jr. and his colleague, honoree Denise Leyhe, first lady Angela Menino and her delightful daughter, Susan Menino Fenton, brunette bombshell Tina Murley, the lovably bubbly Jodi Wolin, Chronicle stunner Shayna Seymour, uber mover and shaker Bennie Wiley, and so on and so forth.

Perhaps because of the relentless cold and snow, everyone seemed more than willing to imbibe at lunch on a Friday, and by the time the plates were cleared and this year’s Glass Slipper honorees were recognized, everyone was well lubricated for the live auction.

Channel 5 meteorologist Mike Wankum did the honors, and he did an admirable job, prompting one guest to say, “I’m really impressed. If I was a weatherman in Boston this winter, I’d be afraid of showing my face in public.”

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