Lenny Zakim Fund Casino Night

Missives from the jet set

Sam Slater, Josh Zakim, Sofia Lingos Papaliodis and Amy Belkin Mofenson at the Lenny Zakim Fund Casino Night

Clams from a Casino

How do you take the guilt out of gambling? Do it for a good cause, which is why the 10th annual—and final—Lenny Zakim Fund Casino Night was such a resounding success.

Ne-Yo at the Lenny Zakim Fund Casino Night

Held at the Four Seasons, the evening attracted the likes of the lovely Grace Zakim and her adoring other half, Josh, handsome devil Jay Mofenson and the gorgeous Amy, real estate mack daddy Sam Slater and his stunning wife, Jessica, lanky man-about-town Devin Hill squiring the flawless Kinesha Goldson, pretty much the entire Lingos family, newlyweds Paul and Melissa Karger, former Miss Massachusetts Janelle Woods-McNish, sexy salon owner Shellee Mendes, the absurdly good-looking Samuel Whiting and Lucas Winthrop, brunette beauty Jennifer Almeida, the always smiling Tyler Summers, sex bomb Juan Pedrosa, the father-and-son duo of Merle and Sam Berger, doughnut mogul Josh Biren and one man who said, “I’m a better person when I have a cocktail in my hand.”

The evening’s most amusing exchange: Entering the event, one guest said, “So, what’s the lay of the land?” To which his date responded, “Liquor in the front, poker in the rear.”

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