Life of the Party

Missives from the Jet Set.

Tin Roof, Rusted

(Left: Rick Musiol Jr., Chris Coombs and David Waters at LifeSavor; Right: Karen Bressler, Louisa Kasdon, and Jody Adams at LifeSavor)

There was plenty to smack your lips at during Community Servings’ annual LifeSavor benefit—a cocktail extravaganza held at the Langham Hotel, followed by dinner parties at restaurants all across town and capped off by dessert and Champagne back at the Langham.

To begin with, there were the bubbling, smoking cocktails created by master drink-slinger Domingo-Martin Barreres, passed apps and a spread big enough to ruin anyone’s appetite. Then there was the toothsome crowd, which included board chair Karen Bressler and her other half, Scott Epstein, the absurdly handsome Ryan Ansin with his grandfather, Ron, B-52s frontman Fred Schneider, dyslexia expert Dean Bragonier with his stunning wife, Sally Taylor, the super sparkly Philip Schanck, arts patron Joyce Linde, and so on and so forth.

The evening’s best exchange: “I always get star-struck talking to Fred Schneider.”

“Well, he’s a nice guy. Just ask him politely not to strike you.”

Signs Point to Yes

(Left: Bill Keravuori, Jennifer Epstein and Amy and Ethan d’Ablemont Burnes at the ICA gala; Right: Ofer and Shelly Nemirovsky at the ICA gala)

It’s hard to imagine a more glam gala than the one hosted by the Institute of Contemporary Art at a space in the Innovation and Design Building that was seemingly converted into a postmodern street fair/fetish club.

There was an aroma bar, a man cave and other curiosities, along with interactive food stations and waiters in leather rabbit masks carrying trays of jello shots. Everyone was ushered into dinner by a steampunk marching band, and dinner was followed by dancing and further shenanigans. Prominent among the throng: the stunning Sarah Mars, blond bombshell Ashley Breed, Fidelity head Abby Johnson, the unfairly attractive foursome of J.K. and Virginia Nicholas and Charlie and Betsey Gifford, Back Bay power couple Ofer and Shelly Nemirovsky, art collector Barbara Lloyd, Cambridge chatelaine Susan Paine, and one woman who was flying solo and had to stop at a convenience store on her way to the gala to ask the clerk to zip up her dress.

The evening’s funniest remark came from the woman who said, “I’ve been seeing this really great guy, but I began to wonder if he was gay when we started fingering cashmere sweaters together.”

We’ll Take the Indy 500, Please

(Janet Wu, Madeleine Capino and Connie Brown at the Run for the Roses fundraiser)

In the immortal words of the Stone Temple Pilots, “…so much depends on the weather,” which is why a spiffy crowd turned out at West End Johnnie’s for a Run for the Roses fundraiser to benefit Blue Hill Observatory, the oldest weather observatory in the nation.

Present and accounted for: organizer Connie Brown, real estate magnates Kevin and Maggie Ahearn, the pretty in pink Liza Hayes, handsome devil Matt Greer, sparkling blonde Jenny Johnson, the stunning Michelle Kimball and numerous others, who sipped mint juleps and placed bets on the race.

The afternoon’s best line: “Why is having sex with me like the Kentucky Derby? It’s the most exciting two minutes in sports.”

Nose Out of Joint?

(Left: The dinner scene in Calderwood Hall at the Gardner Museum gala; Right: Chris McKown, Abby Johnson and Peggy Fogelman at the Gardner Museum gala)

Everyone was looking Met Gala elegant when the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum hosted its annual black-tie fundraiser.

Seen sipping Champagne and swanning around Fenway Court: art expert Abby Ross Goodman
and her bespectacled hipster, Mark, the devilishly handsome Michael Forrester and his fashion-plate cupcake, Courtney, culture vultures Beth and Carmine Martignetti, the statuesque Ty Sinnett, flawless blonde Alli Achtmeyer and the ever affable Bill, and assorted aesthetes and patrons of the arts. Dinner was served in four different rooms decorated to a fare thee well, including the gallery where the Off the Wall exhibit is on display, prompting one socialite to say, “I’m sure they’re not serving anything that leaves stains.”

However, the evening’s best exchange was this: “You look like a John Singer Sargent painting.”

“Thanks. I feel like a Picasso.”


(Left: Nancy and Dick Friedman at the Welcome Home Gala; Right: Gustavo Quiroga, Claudia Robaina and Michael Winston)

Front and center: Friedman’s gorgeous wife, Nancy, brunette beauty Lianne Leventhal and her handsome other half, Alex, board member Brit d’Arbeloff, the ubiquitous Patrick and Kristina Lyons, NHL great Cam Neely and the lovely Paulina, stunning interior designer Carolina Tress Balsbaugh, two of Boston’s grandest dames, Doris Yaffe and Mary Kakas, jewelry designer April Soderstrom and the snacky Ben Rawitz, and others too fabulous for words.Rogerson Communities honored real estate titan Dick Friedman at its Welcome Home Gala, held at the Charles Hotel, and an eclectic crew turned out to pay their respects.

Dinner was delicious, the speeches blessedly short, and beaucoup dinero was raised to house the elderly. As one guest put it, “Getting old sucks…but it beats the alternative.”

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