Life Savor

Tyin’ on the Feedbag…

Boston’s biggest dinner party, LifeSavor, kicked off with a raucous cocktail party at the Langham and continued with private dinners at the best restaurants and private party venues in town.

A benefit for Community Servings, the evening attracted an A-list crowd that included board chair Karen Bressler and the dashing Scott Epstein, smolderingly sexy pair Robert Wilson
and Sergio Mendez, ageless beauty Michela Larson, latter-day Cary Grant Tony Corey, real estate babe Sara Cohen, the corkscrew curled Linda Plazonja, reformed male model Jeff
Bellows and the stunning Nicole, Dot rat Shawn McBride, beaming newlyweds Marco Mereu and Jessica Stanford, tall drink of water Jay Leo and his handsome husband, Stephen Iacobacci, Hat Sister Timothy O’Connor, bestselling Thai author Amy Hyson and her rock star husband, Oedipus, thespian couple Marshall and Kathy Berenson, mixologist extraordinaire Domingo-Martin Barreres, genius flower designer Marc Hall and so on and so forth.

Karen Bressler, Marc Hall and Scott Epstein at LifeSavor

The Meow Award for cattiest exchange: Referring to the dense crowd, one guest said, “I’m taking a deep dive,” to which his friend responded, “Watch your head. This is a pretty shallow gene pool.”

However, the evening’s wittiest comment came from the man who said, “I’m not a vegan, but the cow my shoes were made from was.”

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