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Keith and Emiley Lockhart at the Connoisseur’s Dinner.

A hidden gem tucked away in the twee Cape Cod hamlet of Sandwich, Heritage Museums and Gardens hosted The Connoisseur’s Dinner, a fundraiser for major donors featuring special guests Keith and Emiley Lockhart.

On a flawless evening, guests gathered for cocktails and listened to the maestro and his missus talk about American culture and the arts, he from his perspective as conductor of “America’s orchestra” (the Boston Pops), she as VP and general counsel of Boston 2024, which is vying to bring the Olympics to Boston.

In addition to some super-rich and highly press-averse types, the crowd included state Senate President Therese Murray (whose daughter was married there two weeks earlier), Our Lady of Louisburg Square, Hope Baker, the dapper and distinguished John Funkhouser, arts patron Sue Hamilton and so on and so forth, all of whom sipped and nibbled amiably and remarked upon how great the place looked.

The evening’s Lucrezia Borgia moment belonged to Murray: During a conversation about Wicked Plants, the exhibit of poisonous and dangerous flora then on view, she said, “I need to take notes. I’m sure I still have a few enemies.”

We’ll Settle for a Handshake


Jennifer Piemme, Osa and Ellen Wells at Canines and Cocktails.

Forget raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; dogs and drinking are two of our favorite things, and they came together at Canines and Cocktails, a cross between a day in the dog park and a night at the club.

Held on the terrace of the Seaport Hotel, the season finale of the weekly pooch-friendly party was a fundraiser for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, hosted by anchorman extraordinaire Randy Price and his stunning spaniel, Bruin. The evening attracted the likes of WBUR babe Clint Cavanaugh, handsome Harvard grad student Hector Medina, Fort Hillions Jennifer Piemme and Ellen Wells with Osa (the pup they rescued from Costa Rica), horse farmers Alexandra Arthurs and Tom Trumbull with Bucca (a perfectly behaved German shepherd on his first outing to the big city), hospitality hotshots Joe Fallon and Vincent Lago with their hotel’s beloved mascot, Catie Copley, A.R.L. volunteer Christopher Tom with an adorable dachshund named Ringo, an oversized pug named Chloe whose owner, Andy Lopez, wore her over his shoulder, and charming veterinarian Martha Smith-Blackmore with the Divine Miss M, a French bulldog decked out in pink frills, who was easily the best-dressed bitch in the place.

The evening’s highlight undoubtedly came when Price rallied everyone around to tape the Channel 5 EyeOpener for the next morning, prompting one guest to mutter, “Nothing says ‘Rise and shine!’ quite like a bunch of buzzed people hoisting martini glasses.”

However, the evening’s funniest comment came from the person who said, “You’ve gotta love a party where sniffing another guest’s butt is an acceptable way of saying hello.”

What Happens in Burma


Kelly McKernan and Katherine Sloan at the Boston Conservatory’s Appreciation Dinner.

As Julie Andrews might have put it, the halls were alive with the sound of music when The Boston Conservatory unveiled its new Ipswich building at an Appreciation Dinner for major donors.

The evening began with cocktails and yummy little nibbles accompanied by conservatory student Anna Ellsworth on the harp, followed by performances by the music, dance and theater divisions in the beautiful new orchestra rehearsal hall. Dinner was then served in the third-floor dance studio.

Among the backers and benefactors on hand: conservatory president Richard Ortner, redheaded fashionista Liz Krupp and her handsome other half, George, BSO donors Richard Dix and Greg Bulger of Dover, musical theater honcho Neil Donohoe, Beacon Hillion Kitty Flather, board member Kelly McKernan, the delightful David and Katherine Sloan, real estate panjandrum Tony Pangaro and his comme il faut wife, Creelea Henderson, blond beauty Kim Haack, the incorrigible Peter Wender, and one man who said, “Are you checking out that woman’s ass?” to which his friend replied, “I’m gay. I’m checking out her shoes.”

However, the evening’s funniest remark came from the woman describing a massage she received in Myanmar: “They touched me in places I didn’t even know I had.”

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