Magic Moments

Missives from the Jet Set

Small Mercies…

(Left: William Kelly and Janet Bain at Banchetto Musicale; Second from Left: Wes and Maria Kussmaul with Julia McKenzie at Banchetto Musicale; Second from Right: Martha Ondras, Marty Pearlman and Joyce Kulhawik at Banchetto Musicale; Right: David Friend and Leah Partridge at Banchetto Musicale)

Mozart’s trippy little trifle The Magic Flute was the theme for Banchetto Musicale, the Boston Baroque gala held at the Liberty Hotel.

The invitation called for “magical attire, feathers encouraged,” and the evening commenced with cocktails on the fifth floor and then continued with dinner and performances in the ballroom. Front and center: music director Marty Pearlman, executive director Miguel Rodríguez, board president David Friend, bari-hunk Andrew Garland, studly tenor Nicholas Phan and bewitching soprano Leah Partridge, co-chairs Francine Crawford, Carla Heaton and Phyllis Hoffman, their respective husbands, Bill, George and Robert, brunette beauty Joyce Kulhawik and her other half, Andrew Cohen, the bedazzling Gloria Lieberman with the adoring Larry, the uber-elegant Janet Bain, eminent MDs Beryl Benacerraf and Peter Libby, board whisperer Steve Weiner and the delightful Donald Cornuet, online security expert Wes Kussmaul and the lovely Maria, Cambridge arts boosters Lia and William Poorvu, fashion avatar Daniel Hernández, opera impresario Mark Streshinsky, and so on and so forth.

“You aren’t wearing any feathers!” one guest said, to which his friend smiled enigmatically and said, “Not that you can see.” However, the evening’s funniest comment came from the woman who observed, “I might’ve married an opera bore, but at least he doesn’t sing along.”

Careful What You Wish For…

(Top Left: Charlotte Beattie with Bob and Tracey Dickey at the Make-A-Wish Gala; Top Second from Left: John Terrio, Liz Brunner and Steve DiFillippo  at the Make-A-Wish Gala; Bottom Left: Liz Brunner with Gabriel and Natasha Aljalian at the Make-A-Wish Gala; Bottom Second from Left: Lori Nelson, Chris Nelson and John Nelson at the Make-A-Wish Gala; Right: Priscilla Ndikwani, Maleah Jean and Wilnor Tereau at the Make-A-Wish Gala)

The fairy godmothers and godfathers were out in full force when Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island hosted its annual gala at the InterContinental Boston.

Well-dressed do-gooders bid on silent auction items and socialized like mad during the cocktail reception before being ushered upstairs to the ballroom for dinner and the evening’s program. Front and center: emcee Liz Brunner and her handsome husband, Craig Stockmal, power couple David and Francy Wade, recruiting kingpin Bob Dickey, the criminally blue-eyed Bruce Platzman, the organization’s CEO, Charlotte Beattie, board member Marc Crisafulli, restaurateur extraordinaire Steve DiFillippo, footwear mogul Andrew Rees, Big Four partner Jay Mattie and Aon CEO Kevin White, but the undisputed star of the evening was 7-year-old wish recipient Maleah Jean, who rocked the runway, completely eclipsing the professional models.

The evening raised beaucoup dinero, but as gratifying as it is to help a sick child’s dream come true, there were a few adults who had wishes of their own, like the woman who said, “We’re bidding on all the trips in the silent auction. As long as it’s away from our kids, I don’t care if it’s to Chernobyl.”

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