MassArt Fashion Show

Tambourine Woman

It’s not often that you get to see a fashion show featuring a dress made from bubble wrap, Tiki umbrellas and garbage bags, and even less often that it actually looks chic. But such is the magic of the MassArt Fashion Show, which highlights the work of the school’s incredibly talented students.

Jane Maxwell and Marina Kalb at the MassArt Fashion Show

Spotted at the cocktail party preceding the main event: honoree Joseph Abboud, co-chairs Erin Robertson, Tali Kwatcher and Roberta Moore, architect extraordinaire Elizabeth Lowrey, charming scoundrel Alejandro Sepulveda and his partner in crime, Pamela Vargas, blond bombshell Kristina Lyons, latter-day Louise Brooks Karen Keane, arts patron Anne Fitzpatrick, fashion plate Madeleine Capino, threads peddler Marina Kalb, the alarmingly charming David Webster, the unfairly handsome Jonathan Gillis and Drew Karedes, several women who were channeling Cher or Barbra Streisand in the 1960s and one who was told she looked very “Stevie Nicks,” to which she replied, “I have the attitude. I just need the tambourine.”

The evening’s best remark came from the man who said, “All good starter marriages start in New Orleans.”

A model at the MassArt Fashion Show

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