Food, Glorious Food… 

“This is the best damn thing I ever tasted” was uttered more than once at the five-course wine dinner prepared by celebrity chefs Daniel Boulud and Barbara Lynch at Bar Boulud to raise money for the culinary education nonprofit Ment’or.

The evening began with superb Champagne and lots of tempting little canapés and continued with a feast fit for a glutton, including lobster, frog’s legs, lamb and a dessert by pastry chef Robert Differ that triggered something akin to an orgasm in several of the attendees.   

These included: incomparable party planner Linda Matzkin and her legal eagle husband, Joe, liquor magnate Carmine Martignetti, gorgeous choreographer Laurel Conrad, Our Lady of Tennis Nancy Lubin (also known as Holy Nancy, Mother of Kate), her husband, investment guru Richard, food blogger J.Q. Louise and one man who said, “I was supposed to be skiing in France right now, but there’s a transit strike, so I canceled. This is a pretty good consolation prize.”

The evening’s best exchange: “You look younger every day.” 

“Really? I feel older by the second.” 

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