MFA Summer Party


Night at the Museum

It was an eclectic, diverse and decidedly sexy crowd who shimmied into creative black tie for the Museum of Fine Arts’ annual Summer Party.

Front and center: Four Seasons cutie Maggie Lawler and her handsome other half, L.T., Channel 7 siren Jadiann Thompson, Chestnut Hill party pair Esmeralda and Scott Swartz, travel titan Tiffany Dowd and her main squeeze, J.B., the ubiquitous Paul Karger with the ridiculously gorgeous Melissa Donovan, fashionista Cheryl Fenton, the smolderingly sexy Josh Trinh, bespectacled hipster Foster Jondro and the drop-dead gorgeous Melanie Fondrier, the Bond-like Joe Martini, stunning spitfire Olivia Ives-Flores, blond bombshell Agnieszka Cieplinska and the absurdly handsome Bill Neidlinger, the naturally carbonated Laurie Consoli and so on and so forth.

Natalie Lemle and Gabriel Boyers at the MFA’s Summer Party

Cyrus Jones and Malcolm Mitchell at the MFA’s Summer Party

A pre-party for museum council members was held in the Koch Gallery, followed by a Gatsbyesque free-for-all in the Shapiro Courtyard, complete with dancing, drinking and drag queens.

The evening’s choicest remark: Eyeing her friend’s decolletage, one woman said, “Here’s to side-boob and front boob.”

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