What’s wet and cold and lasts for about five seconds?

Man with a speedo and Elodie at the Plunge for Elodie

The Plunge for Elodie to end epidemolysis bullosa. A genetic disorder that afflicts the adorable Elodie Kubik, it spurred her parents, Dave and Emily, to tap into their truly solid group of friends to take a midwinter, early morning dip in Wellesley’s Morses Pond (in the middle of a nor’easter, no less) to raise money for the under-the-radar disease. Shots of Fireball helped stiffen resolve, while the subzero temperatures helped stiffen nipples and caused seasonal shrinkage among the brave men sporting Speedos.

Katie Hall at the Plunge for Elodie

Present and accounted for: construction mogul Mike Fish and his better half, Liz, the criminally blue-eyed Dave Khtkian and the incomparable Kristan Fletcher, blond beauty Jane Cullinan, dashing iconoclast Andrew Wanliss-Orlebar with the swanlike Julia, statuesque beauty Kristin Jonash and the dashing Ben, and several brave and shivering others who threw themselves into the icy water. They all emerged mostly unscathed, although one person’s pair of U.S. Divers goggles were shattered by the cold—and one notorious germophobe was convinced that she’d contracted a flesh-eating bacteria.

Exiting the water at the Plunge for Elodie

Regardless, everyone enjoyed a tasty brunch afterward, and the group raised more than $125,000 for a good cause, while the woman who said, “I forgot to shave my legs,” had little to worry about, given the brevity of the situation.

As for the fact that swimming in Morses Pond is not allowed midwinter? One of the group said, “Oh, well. This wouldn’t be the first time this crew’s been arrested by the Wellesley police.” 

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