Presidents at Pops


Beth Floor, Dick Connolly and John Mahoney at Presidents at Pops


Maria Stata, Ray Stata and Nicole Stata at Presidents at Pops


The Rev. Jonathan Walton, Cecily Walton, Stephanie Pinder-Amaker and Tommy Amaker at Presidents at Pops

How many CEOs can you fit into Symphony Hall? Lots, apparently, since the 35th annual Presidents at Pops was packed to the rafters with captains of industry, VIPs and assorted movers and shakers.

Seen sipping wine at the cocktail reception preceding the concert: Dot-boy-done-good Bob Davis, the Wizard of All That’s Wonderful Bill Achtmeyer with his amazing enchantress, Alli, the bewitching and beguiling RoAnn Costin, statuesque blonde Holly McGrath and her adoring other half, David Bruce, diamond dealers Donna DePrisco and Jennifer Kinsman, arts patron extraordinaire Maria Stata, brunette marketing babe Jane Deery, radio bigwig Mary Menna and her real estate mack daddy, Peter Darveau, investment guru Dick Connolly, power chick Geri Denterlein and her little Blue Devil, John Patrick Thomas, Blue Devil/hoops deity Tommy Amaker, dog-loving daddies John Wolfarth and Kevin Powers, real estate titan Peter Palandjian and BSO head honcho Mark Volpe. The evening honored the late Staples founder and mega-philanthropist Tom Stemberg, and sparkling like the gem that she is was his stunning wife, Katherine Chapman Stemberg.

The concert, featuring the absurdly talented Mandy Patinkin, had hands clapping and feet stomping—a rarity in Symphony Hall. The evening ended with the much-loved “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” accompanied by the flag unfurling and a balloon drop, and long after the last note ended, the departing crowd continued to pop them.

The evening’s best exchange: “So what are you doing for your summer vacation?”

“I’m interning in Washington, D.C., on Capitol Hill.”

“Good luck…and buy deodorant.”

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