Raise the Woof

Going to the Dogs

Patrick Planeta and Santiago Varela at the Raise the Woof gala.

Ben Mezrich, Lynne Kortenhaus, John Devlin, Marc Hall, Tonya Mezrich and Patrick Planeta at the Raise the Woof gala.

Matt Dunphy and Courtney Lyons at the Raise the Woof gala.

Q: How many animal lovers can you fit into the BCA’s Cyclorama?

A: Apparently, a lot, judging by the turnout at Raise the Woof, the annual gala to benefit the MSPCA-Angell Memorial Hospital.

The guests, many of whom attended with their pets, included the likes of interior design avatar Patrick Planeta and the uber-stylish Santiago Varela, board members Connie Noble, Jessica Nigrelli and Lori Sidman, PR guru Jack Yeaton, lovable TV critic Matthew Gilbert, equestrian party pair Michael Carter and David Rousseau, Beacon Hillions Suki and Miguel de Braganca, Bloomingdale’s sex-bomb Matt Dunphy, junior bluebloods George and Alice Lewis, ubiquitous hipsters Ben and Tonya Mezrich, floral designer to the stars Marc Hall and his hunky other half, John Devlin, fashion plate Lynne Kortenhaus, honorees Jon and Wendy Derby, hotelier David Colella and his painter wife, Nancy, the delightful Susan and Bob Schechter and one man wearing a pot leaf brooch carved out of malachite, diamonds and gold.

Dinner, which is always vegetarian, was delicious, and the evening raised a boatload of money for animals in need.

The evening’s best line: “Sex is exercise if you’re doing it right.” ◆

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