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What’s Next? Port and Piercings?

(Left: Amy Deveau and Michael Ratty at Bubbles + Bedazzling; Left Middle: Liz Saltonstall at Bubbles + Bedazzling; Right Middle: Guest artist Melissa Thyden at Bubbles + Bedazzling; Right:Fede Murara and Daniel Reilly at Bubbles + Bedazzling)

There are worse ways to fritter away a Friday night than sipping wine harborside at the Institute of Contemporary Art and adding some bling to some old thing.

The inaugural evening of the museum’s new Friday night series, ICA After 5, was entitled Bubbles + Bedazzling. A wine tasting of assorted bubbly was accompanied by bedazzling instruction from local artist Melissa Thyden, and in addition to sampling prosecco, cava and whatnot while glue-gunning crystals onto purses and jackets, guests were treated to one of September’s prettiest sunsets.

Present and accounted for: fundraising guru Liz Saltonstall, Jamaica Plain denizen Fede Murara and dashing doctor Daniel Reilly, distinguished shrink Michael Lafarr, museum head honcha Jill Medvedow and her newly minted lawyer son, Noah Kazis, Back Bay glamazon Lori Sullivan, the uber-suave Nelse Clark, redheaded raconteur Michael Ratty and his gorgeous wife, Amy Deveau, and one woman who said, “I’m not bedazzling. I’m just bubbling.”

Yours truly went home with some rhinestones tastefully decorating the inside pocket of my blazer, and it was a uniformly delightful evening, although one guest expressed disappointment that none of the women had opted to get “vajazzled.”

“Given the hot-glue-gun factor, I think that would require something a bit stronger than Champagne,” said someone else, while a third person piped in: “You never know. It’s the ICA at night; things can get pretty freaky pretty fast.”

Better Than Tinder

(Top Left: Will Natoli, Dave Krauss and Collin Bray at the Fun-Raising Fund-Raiser; Top Middle: Anne and Kevin Killelea at the Fun-Raising Fund-Raiser; Top Right: Sarah Silvia, Lindsay Johnson and Alexa Lucci at the Fun-Raising Fund-Raiser; Bottom Left: Charlie Benzyk, Lindsay O’Hara, Tommy Stirling and Bryant Roche-Bernard at the Fun-Raising Fund-Raiser; Bottom Middle: Nidhi Anand, Dave Krauss, Natasha Fahey and Charlie Benzyk at the Fun-Raising Fund-Raiser; Bottom Right: The crowd on the dance floor during “Shout” at the Fun-Raising Fund-Raiser)

As the main provider of toys and games for Boston Medical Center, Boredom Busters isn’t a hard group to get behind—but when you add in the attractive and eclectic crowd their parties attract, it’s a no-brainer.

Although goofily titled, the Fun-Raising Fund-Raiser, held at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, was a superb event, drawing the likes of Columbus Hospitality cutie Lisa Flores, the natty Will Natoli, real estate mack daddy Collin Bray, brunette bombshells Nidhi Anand and Natasha Fahey, handsome young do-gooder Jonathan Berk, the absurdly good-looking Ross Chanowski, blond beauty Lindsay O’Hara, the super-suave Bryant Roche-Bernard, the disarmingly charming Ed Chung, and founders Charlie Benzyk and Dave Krauss, who started the charity in memory of a friend who died during their freshman year at Duke (which explains all the Blue Devils in the room).

The Dave Macklin Band rocked the house, while a killer noodle bar made sure no one got too rocked at the open bar, and people bid on prizes like a skydiving package in the silent auction. Best of all: The speechifying was kept to under five minutes, quite possibly a record for a Boston charity event.

Meanwhile, the evening’s best exchange was overheard by the bar: “We met at Whiskey Bar.”

“And you admit that?”

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