Rococo Rebellion

Missives from the jet set

Rachel Hanselman, Fiona Soni, Asia Webber and Tania Kluzak at the Rococo Rebellion

Go for Baroque 

“Who knew so many people had powdered wigs laying around?” marveled one guest at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s Rococo Rebellion party, where guests got into the spirit of things alongside models in contemporary fashions recalling the period, giving the proceedings an 18th-century sideshow vibe.

Guests were greeted by harpists in the lobby, a harpsichord in the cafe and a Champagne tower in the Education Studio—but that was all just a warmup. Present and accounted for: Nashville-bred blueblood Trevania Henderson and the disarmingly charming John, venture capital cutie Kevin Bitterman and his stunning other half, Kristen, objets d’art Don Carney and John Ross of Patch NYC, arts patrons Scott Schoen and Nancy Adams, the sparkling Audrey Reny and her adoring other half, Steve, soignee socialite Sophia Garmey, Beacon Hillion Sarah Mars and her fashionista bestie, Suhail Kwatra, design guru Urit Chaimovitz, Latin dandy Juan Prieto, the porcelain-skinned Tricia Simboli, junior do-gooder Jake Abrams, the corkscrew-curled Melissa Steffy, Boston’s answer to Martha Stewart, Liz Georgantas, blond bombshell Emma Pickard and one woman who’s lived in Boston her whole life and had never visited the museum but said, “I think I picked the right night to come.”

Peggy Fogelman, Rich Coffman and Gabrielle Coffman at the Rococo Rebellion

Rebecca Parker and Gina DiStasio at the Rococo Rebellion

In the courtyard, a tenor sang excerpts from Don Giovanni, while models displayed the creations of local designer Nathalia JMag. Meanwhile, the super-sexy Electro Hurdy Gurdy performed in the Tapestry Room, and guests got up close and personal with the rococo treasures of the Little Salon and Dutch Room. French fries and macarons were among the Parisian delicacies that were served, and a guest proclaimed the
bubbly, “Better than drinkable.”

“I didn’t see you earlier,” said one woman, to which the response was, “That’s because I’m always late.”

However, the evening’s best exchange was: “Have you seen So-and-So?” 

“Yes. I spilled Champagne on him.” ◆

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