Rose Garden Party


Stop and Smell the Soiree

The competition was fierce in the Hats Galore Contest at this year’s Rose Garden Party, hosted by Mayor Marty Walsh and the always lovely Lorrie Higgins in the Back Bay Fens.

Seen sipping bubbly and nibbling on delicious little tidbits were soignee socialites such as BC beauty Ingrid Calder, theatrical impresario Joey Frangieh, the insanely adorable pair of Thom Solo and Tyler Murphy, vivacious do-gooder Vivien Li, real-estate queen Maggie Ahearn and the dashing Kevin, one-woman Mardi Gras Connie Brown, uber mover and shaker Charlotte Golar Richie, whirling dervish Joshua Janson, latter-day Louise Brooks Jane Roy, Caribbean queen Colette Phillips, Back Bay beautiful people Anja Kola and Kier McDonough, the toothsome twosome of Tivon Marcus and Derek Song, South End stalwarts Nina and William Schroeder, one woman rocking a fascinator with a leather biker jacket and one woman whose Louboutin got stuck in the grass. 

Madeleine Capino and Jennifer Kinsman at the Rose Garden Party

Maggie and Kevin Ahearn at the Rose Garden Party

The only downside to an otherwise flawless evening was the fact that a bunny infestation left the trellises denuded of flowers and created a bit of a minefield on the lawn, but as one guest put it, “Rabbit poop is the least of my problems.”

The party’s choicest remark: “I don’t do hats. I’ve never found one that looks as good as my hair.”

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