And So Shall Ye Reap…

Funding critical medical education in East Africa is serious business, which is why the cocktail party at the Hawthorne to benefit Seed Global Health attracted a seriously A-list crowd. 

On hand: the nonprofit’s founder, Dr. Vanessa Kerry and her husband, Dr. Brian Nahed, her father, former Secretary of State John Kerry, the uber-glamorous Fiona and James Benenson, yummy mummy Dawn Oates, lunachick Laura Baldini, party pair Kate Lubin and Glen Sutton, Chestnut Hillions Shahrokh and Dianna Reza, Beacon Hillions Peter and Yvette Mulderry, real estate stud-muffin Michael Harper and a lot of people who hung out in the back room getting tipsy during the speaking portion of the evening.

Vanessa Kerry and John Kerry at the Seed Global Health benefit

Dede Orraca Cecil and Pam Willis at the Seed Global Health benefit

The cocktails flowed like cocktails ought to, the sliders were superb and the evening raised $120,000 to do critical life-saving work in one of the poorest regions on the planet.   

The evening’s best remark, meanwhile, came from the spouse of an attendee who saw the party favors—temporary tattoos of the organization’s logo—and said, “If I put these all over my face, I’d look like I had a very OCD case of chickenpox.”

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