Storybook Ball

Bring Me Those Puppies

Bryan Rafanelli and Gerard Riveron at the Storybook Ball. Photo: Matt West

Christine Olsen and Robert Small at the Storybook Ball. Photo: Matt West

Remy Stressenger and Garth Hoffman at the Storybook Ball. Photo: Matt West

The evening’s 101 Dalmations theme was artfully deployed in both the venue’s decor and the guests’ outfits (though presumably, no one skinned a dog), and the evening, as always, got off to a rollicking start with cocktails and carnival games to win luxury-label prizes. Cruella de Vil was about the only one missing at the Storybook Ball, the epic black-tie gala for Mass General Children’s Hospital that takes place at the Park Plaza Castle.

To switch things up, this year’s challenges included placing a popsicle stick in your mouth and balancing six dice on it for five full seconds (Fail!) and using two spoons to scoop at least 10 (damned elusive) pompoms into a dog dish in 45 seconds (Score!).

Spotted indulging in this and other foolishness were the likes of fashion plate Melissa Steffy,
Bond girl Sofia Ostrer, the impossibly gorgeous
Tatiana Lingos-Webb, diamond dealer Gerard Riveron, ubiquitous socialites Lynn Dale and Frank Wisneski, the flawless Heather Campion, prepster goddess Sara Campbell, caterer to the stars Holly Safford, Unicef head honcho Matthew Bane, fashion designer Remy Stressenger and so on and so forth.

Guests were ushered into dinner by Snoop Dogg singing “Woof” and after dinner, the speaking program and a live auction, they were released to the tune of “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

The evening’s choicest remark: “Instead of a kissing booth, they should have a licking booth.”

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